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Q: How often should my kitchen exhaust system be cleaned?
A: According to NFPA-96 the following schedule should be followed:

  • Systems utilizing solid fuel (e.g., wood, charcoal) — MONTHLY
  • High-volume systems (e.g., wok, 24-hour, charbroil) — QUARTERLY
  • Moderate-volume systems — SEMI-ANNUALLY
  • Low-volume systems (e.g., churches, seasonal businesses) — ANNUALLY

Q: What is NFPA-96 Standard?
A: NFPA 96 is the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, which provides the minimum fire safety requirements for both public and private cooking operations.

Q: Why should I clean my hoods?
A: Properly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system will greatly reduce or even eliminate the possibility of grease fires in the exhaust system. Additionally, the Health Department, Fire Departments and insurance companies all require you frequently clean and maintain your systems.

Q: I have my restaurant workers clean the inside of the hoods… why should I have SteamKitchen do it instead?
A: It is not reasonable to expect your restaurant workers to know what parts of the exhaust system need to be cleaned and how to clean them without damaging the system or nearby systems. Keep in mind the exhaust system is much more than what you see inside the hood in the kitchen. Proper cleaning entails cleaning the motor and ducts on the roof, for example, using a combination of chemicals, scraping and steam washing. Because of these conditions, the NFPA dictates that an “outside, certified provider shall clean the system”.

Q: While you are cleaning the system, why don’t you also clean the filters?
A: Local authorities restrict us from cleaning filters on the premises. Therefore, we recommend our filter exchange program instead. A qualified technician will exchange your dirty filters with clean ones following an agreed upon schedule. It is by far the easiest and most hassle free way to keep your filters clean and in perfect condition.